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Our goal is to promote competitive and sustainable pig production in Europe by creating and further developing common guidelines and legislation for porcine health management. With the aim to optimise professional standards leading to the highest possible animal health status. This will have a positive impact on food safety, public health and animal welfare in pork production.
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This website has a public and a members-only section. Data presented at the ESPHM is accessible by EAPHM members only. To find presented data just start by clicking on Porcine Health Management on the home page top bar. Searching your target is easy. Select search items in the navigation (left), fill-in your search words above the result section.
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The European Association of Porcine Health Management (EAPHM) is the community of specialist pig veterinarians in Europe. Established in 2010 to provide European practitioners with a platform for sharing information and developing and improving their skills and competences. This website is the virtual home of the EAPHM and the meeting point.
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What the EAPHM Community does?

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Knowledge exchange

The EAPHM website provides a platform where important technical information gathered over many years and coming from different sources and countries, is stored. These keynote lectures, oral presentations, posters and case studies can be used to discuss with colleagues, customers and for analyzing cases under investigation.

The stored files are easily retrieved by a search system based on ESPHM topics. 

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Journal of Porcine Health Management

JPHM is an open access peer-reviewed journal, indexed at PubMed, that aims to publish relevant, novel and revised information regarding all aspects of swine health medicine and production. JPHM is a venue for global research on swine health and production, including infectious and non-infectious diseases, reproduction, epidemiology, management, economics, genetics, housing, nutrition, animal welfare and ethics, legislation, food safety, drugs and surgery. The EAPHM and the ECPHM are supporting authors to get their scientific work published.

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Continuous Education

First priority goes to completing this website with historical ESPHM material, as far as it can be retrieved. Once this is near to completion other materials of more general nature to provide updated knowledge will be made available

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Connecting with members

Want to know more about a certain colleague that you have met at the ESPHM? When he or she is a member of the EAPHM and has filled in the "Who is Who" section on this website, you find all the details that member wants to share with other members. It is their choice to reveal this personal data.The EAPHM complies with the 2018 privacy rules!     

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Extended archive of information

Next to all matters mentioned above, this website will also serve as an archive to store relevant data on for example EU matters related to our profession, EAPHM newsletters etc.

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Direct access to knowledge & people within the field

Besides having access to an enormous amount of scientific data, the "Who is Who" section of the members-only part of this website, is also of interest. The contact data in this section allows members to find a specific colleague when there is a case they like to discuss. 

Member area


SafePork 2019 in Berlin

The 13th Safe Pork Conference 2019 will take place in the City Center of Berlin, Germany, from 26th to 29th August 2019; conference venue is the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus (

Leman China Swine Conference 2019

The University of Minnesota Allen D. Leman Swine Conference is the world’s largest annual educational event for the global swine industry, with a 32-year history. It is internationally acclaimed for...

ESPHM 2020 Bern

The 12th ESPHM will take place in the Kursaal Alegro in Bern (CH)


Annalisa Scollo

EAPHM Newsletter June 15th 2019

Introducing the new Board member Annalisa Scollo  Annalisa has been working as a swine practitioner, in Italy, for the past 10 years and in that period she gained a lot of working experience on, especially, pig welfare. She does works with a large group of colleagues who...
Board 2019

EAPHM Newsletter May 29th 2019

Close to 1600 delegates from all over the world participated in a very successful ESPHM2019, held in the heart of the old city of Utrecht. Excellent scientific program with state of the art keynote lectures. Lectures rooms filled up, even on the Friday morning. The delegates...