SafePork 2019 in Berlin

SafePork Berlin

The 13th Safe Pork Conference 2019 will take place in the City Center of Berlin, Germany, from 26th to 29th August 2019; conference venue is the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus (

For 22 years the “Safe Pork Community” has met every two years, starting with the Salmonella problems in pigs and pork at our first conference in 1996, to discuss potential risks to human health in the pork chain. Over time, the focus of the conference has changed to cover all potential health risks that can occur in the pork chain. This year, new pig health and animal welfare challenges, new management factors, antibiotic resistance, as well as emerging public health concerns will be presented and discussed in the multidisciplinary framework of the One Health concept. Thus, we have chosen the motto “One heath – Tear down interdisciplinary walls” for Safe Pork 2019!

Participants will be offered a high-quality programme, demonstrating the scientific diversity of the overall theme. To underline our motto “tear down interdisciplinary walls” we will start with a plenary discussion to discuss with renowned experts from veterinary and human medicine the One Health challenges in the context of the pork chain worldwide. This will be followed by scientific sessions on: 

  • Specific elements of One Health
  • Pre-harvest food safety concepts
  • Zoonotic pathogens in the pork chain
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Monitoring and surveillance systems
  • Meat inspection and technical slaughter solutions
  • Animal welfare aspects in the pork chain

Additionally, two workshops regarding the challenges of modern meat inspection and fighting against African Swine Fever will round the programme.