EAPHM Newsletter December 15th 2020

EAPHM Board Message

The webinar on ASF fever and Germany that was held on Thursday December 10th was a great event. Dr. Vittorio Guberti presented the epidemiological picture, the way ASF virus spreads, resulting in an increasing area where ASF virus is present. During the Question and Answer session, he made a strong pledge to have an European approach in fighting against ASF virus expansion. In his words: creating a dam to stop the movement of the  virus! Dr. Andreas Palzer focused on the situation in the North East of Germany and disclosed a high level of details on how the local situation is affecting the life of governmental officers, pork producers, the veterinarians and hunters. To his opinion it will be very difficult to prevent cross border transmission of the virus if we do not take more draconic measures. The attendees appreciated both the presentations and the interaction during the Q and A session.
The President of the EAPHM closed the webinar promising the grateful audience that more webinars will follow.   


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