EAPHM Newsletter July 15th 2020

EAPHM Board message

The  EAPHM Board wishes EAPHM members and the EAPHM contacts a well-deserved holiday season to recover from these difficult times. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to relax and to think about how to get back to work as before and minimizing the risk to contract or spread  the Covid-19 virus. The majority of the general public understands the need to take Covid-19 virus seriously. Also as veterinarians we understand how important it is to test and we are happy that the number of tests performed is increasing. With a better understanding of the virus circulation in a certain area, also the measures to control further spread can be adapted when required. With ASF we have a similar situation where this approach is actually already in force. Information about ASF virus circulation and presence is the tool to upgrade general public information and control measures, in a certain area and region.
In both cases, Covid-19 and ASF, the cooperation of the general public is essential to reduce the spreading of the virus. ASF is a human driven disease and so is Covid-19!

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