EAPHM Newsletter March 1st 2021

EAPHM Board Message

February 27th 2021 was the date of the web-based Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the EAPHM. More details will be given in the next newsletter but it was very  assuring to note that the income and expenses budget for 2021 shows a surplus. This surplus is the result of the income generated by both the supporting Sponsoring Companies and loyal EAPHM members, and by managing the expenses budget in such a way that it lines up with the income. The small expected surplus generates a buffer to cover any unforeseen expenses or will be used when new activities demand so, or will be used to strengthen the financial position any institution needs, as Covid-19 has learned us.  

Dr. Bert Cornelis was welcomed as the new EAPHM secretary. 

Due to recent changes in the relation between the EAPHM and the ECPHM, the EAPHM will not have access to profits generated by ESPHM symposia. The strategy developed roughly 7 years ago by the EAPHM Board to have balanced, multiple, and different sources of income to be more independent of the income of the ESPHM, has proven to be a wise financial management decision!             

During the AGM the President (Dr Giovanbattista Guadagnini) presented the audience information on ongoing, discussed and planned new activities. The next webinar to come will deal with loose housing for sows and that is also the subject were the FVE is making a position statement on (FVE position paper on moving towards more welfare-friendly farrowing systems). Of course the EAPHM Board, as your representative body, is asked for their opinion by the FVE on this important issue. Suggestions, received by members on this topic, are currently being reviewed by your Board.