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In the light of the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the measures that are already in place in all European countries and beyond during these days, we feel obliged to make a decision regarding the ESPHM 2020, which was scheduled from 29th of April until 01st of May 2020. Our major aims are the protection of our delegates & speakers from becoming infected, but also the contribution in preventing...
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African Swine Fever in Germany in wild boar detected in both diseased and in sick animals. Read the full article (Source: TopAgrar Online [in German, trans. abridged, edited] On Sat 10 Oct 2020, a search was applied in the ASF core zone in Markisch-Oderland by municipality personnel, hunters, farmers, police officers, fire fighters, and the technical relief organization. In the Oderbruch,...
The count of wild boar with African Swine Fever in Germany has risen to 53 - this includes a 2nd case in the northern area in Märkisch-Oderland district and 2 more #ASF infected carcasses in the southern zone. The boar in the northern zone had been dead for 4 weeks already.
29 September 2020: African swine fever: 38 cases of wild boar in Germany so far Since 10 September, 38 virus detections in wild boar in Brandenburg have been confirmed by the National Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever. All cases are located in the designated core area, further cases are still to be expected. Further information on the cases, the established restriction zones and...