The role of Pig HealthCheck Programme Manager is a new senior position within the organisation, reporting directly to the CEO. The successful candidate will play in a key role in shaping AHI’s engagement with this sector, including the prioritization of areas of work and the development and implementation of programmes and activities to address these.
At the two-day EU Commission event in Grange on tail docking of pigs, Dr. Guadagnini, on behalf of EAPHM/FVE, presented the outcome of the recent study based on a survey among EU veterinary associations. Recommendations for improvements were made.
The new EAPHM website has gone live! There are some “childhood” problems related to the synchronization of 2 software programs regulating the access to the EAPHM website. Please check your inbox for information on log-in instructions. Access was granted in to a selected group before and the EAPHM Board is happy to notice an increased interest by this group for the scientific content that is on...
The new EAPHM website has gone live! Please visit to get your own experience with this new site!
The PDF will give you information on how to perform a search in the Porcine Health section. Historical data is incomplete. 2018 gives a better idea on what will be possible in the future. An almost complete data set and the documents are stored following the program book