The EAPHM was invited to attend the second meeting of the sub-group of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare. The EAPHM will occupy the chair of the Pig Experts. Through this newsletter you will be kept informed on the outcome of this meeting.
FVE president R. Laguens and General Secretary J. Vaarten attended the ministerial conference, organized by the European Commission, on the “Eradication of African swine fever (ASF) in the EU and the long-term management of wild boar populations”.  
Over the Christmas period an increased number of visits to the new website was noted and we hope you did appreciate the website content! Starting from the 2nd week of 2019 all EAPHM Members will receive an invoice to maintain their access to the Members-only section of the website. The website features an on-line payment system that is the favorite payment tool. In case you...
The EAPHM Board wishes all members of the EAPHM, other colleagues interested in Porcine Health Management and their families a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  
The role of Pig HealthCheck Programme Manager is a new senior position within the organisation, reporting directly to the CEO. The successful candidate will play in a key role in shaping AHI’s engagement with this sector, including the prioritization of areas of work and the development and implementation of programmes and activities to address these.