Good news arrives quickly…from Brussels: fantastic news for veterinary practitioners, in any kind of animal species!
OIE and FAO published an Infographic for veterinarians emphasising their crucial role in protecting pig production systems from this devastating disease. 
Eu Commission, Member States and EU parliament need to define which antibiotics will be reserved for humans and forbidden for animal use before January 2022 when EU regulation 2019/6 will activate.
This newsletter brings much practical information: you do not have to get bored, a lot to read and keep on track. We can look back to a nice EAPHM webinar on Pharmacovigilance in a new sexy coat. Three inspiring speakers, Mathilde Louwerens, Jos Olaerts and Fabrizio Solari Basano brought up different topics; recording is available for members of EAPHM. Not a member yet? Just join us on How to...
As this newsletter is produced, next EAPHM webinar is due to start or has already started. At 1st of July an interesting group of speakers will discuss on Pharmacovigilance, what to register and how to deal with it, including regulations. As you are used to, also these webinar recordings will be displayed on our EAPHM website. Still not a member?, just join us on How to join? | EAPHM.