How to join?

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The member's fee is agreed by the general assembly annually. Payment of the member's fee is made by logging in to the EAPHM webpage and chosing the membership which suites you best below and following the instructions given.

The current membership fee is 20€ / year. Only for the rest of 2018 and for new members it is for free.

In 2019 the membership fee will be 50€   

Within a few days of payment having been made, the member will be given access to the members' area of the webpage, which will provide opportunity to search for topics of interest and to join discussions fora, etc.

One month before expiry of the annual membership fee a reminder will be mailed to the member giving instructions on how to renew membership.

Membership must be renewed within a month after the expiry date, otherwise the member's name will be deleted and access to the members area on the webpage will be denied.



Choose the membership that is applicable to your situation: