Dear applicant.
The invoice that you will get to become a member of the EAPHM, is automatically generated and is based on the information that is supplied by you.
When you require an invoice with your address, your company address and or a VAT number, these data must be entered by yourself. Under the 2018 EU privacy rules, these private data may not be asked for by the EAPHM. When you or somebody else pays the invoice, make sure that your name is mentioned on the payment form.

The Finnish Veterinary Association’s Animal Welfare Prize to a new-generation pig farm: The association’s fourth animal welfare prize was awarded to the Paija Farm in Urjala. The award was presented at the opening ceremony of the Annual Veterinary Congress on 28 November 2018 to a pig barn that was designed and built in a completely new way
Mutilations are not within a vision of sustainable animal agriculture and must be moved away from. FVE and EAPHM has unanimously approved a position paper to prevent tail biting and move away from tail docking.