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EAPHM works on your future!

The EAPHM was formally established during the 2nd ESPHM in Hannover in 2010. Since then the EAPHM has been very busy with developping the right structure to represent the interest of the European swine veterinarians in the different EU bodies like the FVE, EUVP and EU related working parties on animal welfare (tail docking in group-housed pigs) antimicrobial usage etc.. By now the EAPHM has made great progress in this field. Only with your support the EAPHM will be able to continue with this important task to help shaping the future for pork production in the EU!   



Message from the EAPHM Past President

It seems that it was yesterday when the EAPHM began to work and it has already been 8 years, during which part of its members, among whom I include myself, have sought the usefulness of belonging to this association. Today I have it clear. Finally, we can review the valuable information presented in the congresses and not only that of the keynote lectures, but also those of the oral presentations and posters. It is the platform we needed in Europe to be able to face the challenges of the future and within an environment of easy and pleasant use. One of my wishes is that, in addition, it will soon become a forum for debate among professionals in which we can find the support or help that we often need, always in the varied and particular European environment.

Enric Marco