Why join?

Why join

The European Association of Porcine Health Management is the community of specialist pig veterinarians in Europe.

When you join you will have several advantages but important is to realize that when you have access you will find the full keynote lectures, oral presentations, case reports and digital posters that were presented at the ESPHM symposia.

When you have no login data you will see only the submitted abstracts and the program books.

In the coming period more historical data will be uploaded      

Established in 2010, its objective is to provide European practitioners with a platform for sharing information and developing and improving their skills and competences. This website is the virtual home of the Association and therefore a meeting point for all members.

The tasks of the EAPHM are to:

  • Increase the dialogue between practitioners across Europe.
  • Develop professional standards for post-graduates and practitioners.
  • Create dialogue with the European political world in association with FVE.
  • Promote high standards of animal welfare and proper use of medicines in pig production.
  • Link science and theory with veterinary practice through liaison with the European College for Porcine Health Management (ECPHM).
  • Organise the annual European Symposium on Porcine Health Management (ESPHM) jointly with the ECPHM.