The 7th of January was confirmed the 1st case of ASF in Italy. It’s related to a dead wild boar found in Ovada (AL, Province of Alessandria) and the 10th of January other two cases were confirmed, one in Fraconalto, 20 km from Ovada, and the other in Isola del Cantone that is 8 km from Fraconalto and 25 from Ovada.
OIE and FAO published an Infographic for veterinarians emphasising their crucial role in protecting pig production systems from this devastating disease. 
In the framework of drafting and updating the category A list of the Regulation (EU) 2016/429 on transmissible animal diseases (‘Animal Health Law’), EFSA received the mandate from the European Commission to assess the effectiveness of some of the control measures against ASF.
The count of wild boar with African Swine Fever in Germany has risen to 53 - this includes a 2nd case in the northern area in Märkisch-Oderland district and 2 more #ASF infected carcasses in the southern zone. The boar in the northern zone had been dead for 4 weeks already.
The five news cases were found in dead wild boar close to the first case, Brandenburg state health minister Ursula Nonnemacher told a committee of the state’s parliament, Reuters reports. Initial tests were positive and tests are underway to confirm the additional cases at Germany’s Friedrich-Loeffler scientific institute, she told the meeting.