EAPHM Newsletter April 20th 2021

EAPHM Board Message

Covid forces to find best solutions for exchanging field experiences and science topics on veterinary issues. The most recent webinar which was the first round table with swine practitioners over Europe gave some insight into different daily work for different countries. Enric Marco, Claudio Trombani, Adrian Balaban and Rick Janssen took the online audience to their daily business in the field of Spain, France, Romania and the Netherlands. If you missed this meeting don’t worry, same topic, different countries, on May 20th the next webinar 2nd round table will be on the agenda and invitation will follow. This was the next webinar in line after the successful session on loose house for sows in farrowing which was very popular among the EAPHM members. The video recording of the webinars and PowerPoint presentations are available on the www.EAPHM.org website in a separate section called “webinar”.