EAPHM Newsletter September 2022

EAPHM Board Message

Summer has gone and s(l)owly but surely the economic impact of big issues becomes more clear to us. But we must not give up our goals and dreams. There are many interesting new challenges that demand for inventive solutions. New ‘morning’, new insight, new methods. You will notice that the time is right for short communication items like short messages but also many video’s, like from IPVS 2022. For some moments it is a little bit quiet around ASF and let us keep fingers crossed and hope it is not the calm before the storm. Anyway, with a new fresh mind EAPHM board will focus on what is important for our members and beyond. We want to be part of your daily emotions, questions, needs and experiences. Let us be part of that! We have an excellent network to help the swine vets to the next level and bring swine health in the comfort zone. Regulations and developments in economy, environment request such a new behaviour. Let us stand together and make the difference!
<< if for any reason we touched the right spot and you feel the urge to help us out and enforce the board. Please do react at info@eaphm.org because we are (still) looking for a junior vice-president!

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