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The invoice that you will get to become a member of the EAPHM, is automatically generated and is based on the information that is supplied by you.
When you require an invoice with your address, your company address and or a VAT number, these data must be entered by yourself. Under the 2018 EU privacy rules, these private data may not be asked for by the EAPHM. When you or somebody else pays the invoice, make sure that your name is mentioned on the payment form.

In the frame of the new European reference Centre for welfare of poultry and other small farmed animals, under hierarchical responsability of the hosting unit (EPISABE or DSP) and under functional responsability of the head of the Centre, the person recruited will work in close partnership with all scientists working in the Centre. The person recruited will be in charge of conducting the work...
The EAPHM Board and the EAPHM supporting staff wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2019 was another good year for the EAPHM. The EAPHM is now recognized as the organization representing swine veterinarians in Europe. This is reflected in the number of invitations that the Board receives and attends.
This article describes the discovery that deletion of a previously uncharacterized gene, I177L, from the highly virulent ASFV-G produces complete virus attenuation in swine. Animals inoculated intramuscularly with the virus lacking the I177L gene, ASFV-G-ΔI177L, remained clinically normal during the 28-day observational period. All ASFV-G-ΔI177L-infected animals had low viremia titers, showed no...
According to the information of the Main Veterinary Inspectorate in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, 8 new cases of ASF have been confirmed. The extent of the disease has shifted westward, currently, the virus is located about 40 km [about 25 mi] from the German border.
The EAPHM Board is actively seeking support to express the pork producing industry’s concern in controlling the spread of ASF virus in Europe. This concern will be brought under the attention of the EU commission in Brussel, Belgium. The latest jump the ASF virus made (see map) is (again-) indicating the human involvement, acting as vector, in spreading the ASF virus.